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Manor Park Methodist multigenerational and intergenerational Church situated at Herbert Road London, a newly multipurpose built building opened in 2009 a warm and welcoming place to be and to belong. Where very diverse young and old congregation meet every Sunday at 10:30 am from various countries to celebrate the Love and the Gospel of Christ. Along with some English families there are families from Nigeria, Ghana, Barbados, Eritrea, Caribbea, India, Zimbabwe and our minister is form Pakistan. First Sunday of the month is the Family Service with Holy Communion for all. Children-Talk is the essential part of every Sunday service to ensure that we are passing the inherited legacy of our Christian faith to these young children, they get-together in Sunday school where capable and qualified Sunday school teachers are sowing the seed of the Gospel and enabling these young souls to grow in Christian knowledge and how with Christian understanding they combat the hate and evil. How they can protect themselves and be more productive for family and the community they live in. Worship leaders are encouraged to be part of all services to make them more innovative, inspired and fruitful. Love creating every service more participatory, motivating and belonging.

We are a Community Church: we believe we are called from the Community for the community. Here we encourage, enable and equip newcomers to come again to join to read Bible passages and be part of local arrangements. The average congregation is 40 of which 16 are children. We use both contemporary and traditional hymns, with traditional organ and iSing Worship on screens for digital projection. There is an excellent suite of premises upstairs which is used by a local community organisation. We do have Methodist community hall attached with new building. Forest Gate and Manor Park as both sister churches worshiping together in this building whilst Forest Gate new building project is in progress. Do come and join us to have preliminary experience what will be church in heaven

Hiring: There are other congregations use the building for worship, birthdays and other meetings. These groups are Anglo-French, Pilipino, Ghanaians, Nigerians and locals.

platinum jubilee celebrations
platinum jubilee celebrations
platinum jubilee celebrations
platinum jubilee celebrations
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platinum jubilee celebrations
platinum jubilee celebrations
platinum jubilee celebrations
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